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Published on July 21 2015

Each fair of Basel, the TAG Heuer Brand likes to surprise professionals and the general public with advanced technological and watch breathtaking. This is again the case this year with the first magnetic chronograph accurate to 100th of a second and the concept of the first double magnetic vortex of history. Spirit pioneering, innovation and imagination are the keys to haute horlogerie at TAG Heuer.

Replace the spiral by microblades, the classical regulator by magnets or the wheels by belts; as many innovations guided by an ideal of efficiency: more speed, precision, reliability and beauty. "A quest of simplicity, not complexity...." "stresses the mark in its press release

At the forefront of high watchmaking, TAG Heuer workshop, already rewarded for several major horological innovations of the 21st century, made double shot this year at Baselworld by unveiling the first precise magnetic the 100th of a second Chronograph and presenting the concept of the first double magnetic vortex of history.

Over the past ten years, the Haute Horlogerie TAG Heuer workshop, consisting of a team of 25 scientists, engineers and designers, has been at the origin of some of the more resounding inventions in the history of watchmaking.

Research which found inter alia their culmination with the range precision Mikro, composed of several impressive technological innovations in high frequencies, making table rase more ancestral watchmaking principles.

TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrograph (2011): first built-in mechanical chronograph accurate to 1/100th of a second with a blazing central hand. TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrotimer Flying 1000 (2011): a new concept watch fully developed in-house and displaying an accuracy to 1/1000th of a second.

TAG Heuer Carrera Mikrogirder (2012): winner of the golden needle, the most coveted prize of the watch industry, this is the first world chronograph accurate to 5/10,000th of a second, equipped with a body setting unpublished composed of micro-lames oscillating at an amazing frequency of 1000 Hz

TAG Heuer Carrera MikrotourbillonS (2012): a chronograph with double chain, dual frequency, dual-barrel and double whirlpool. The whirlwind the fastest and most accurate ever built.

This year at the Basel fair, surprises concocted by the masters of the TAG Heuer workshop are inspired by another unique innovation: Carrera it Pendulum (2010), with the first magnetic escapement devoid of spiral.

This model, certified by the COSC, upsets three centuries of horological conventions. In the classical system with spiral, invented by Christian Huygens in 1675, the effect of gravity resulting from the mass of the spiral, remains a major drawback. With Carrera Pendulum, this problem has more place to be since there is more loss of amplitude. Result: a significant improvement in accuracy (time division) and performance (accuracy and frequency stability).

Despite this, the original concept of the TAG Heuer Pendulum problems that with no felt insurmountable, particularly with regard to thermal sensitivity: magnetic fields are influenced by temperature variations, at the expense of performance. During the three years, researchers and engineers TAG Heuer looked at the issue, experimenting new magnetic atoms, new alloys and carefully studied geometric configurations.

'It is thus that they have led to a new discount in question from the traditional watchmaking rules, developing a magnetic spiral invisible resulting in the displacement of the pendulum as a low amplitude and frequency high, for perfect precision and stability' ensures the brand in its release.

For the time being, this technology is commercially exploitable for frequencies above 10 hertz. A good new, since TAG Heuer reign for several years on the field of ultra high frequencies (Breguet also offers 10 hertz frequencies). To illustrate its work, TAG Heuer presents two facets of this new technology: a ready to be marketed Chronograph and a concept version. These two models, which rely on numerous patents TAG Heuer, resumed their characteristic inspired by Motorsports housing of the iconic collection Carrera.

Written by Nicolas Bonni

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